Women's Personalized Fitness Training

Hey ladies, let a former Ms. Fitness U.S .A. get you into bikini-shape for summer!!!

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Hire your own fitness trainer!
I am totally dedicated to your fitness goals.

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Avoid the crowded gym!
I have a private gym, strictly for ladies. No gym membership or dues required!

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Fill out my short sign-up sheet and start enjoying the benefits of a personal trainer today!

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Call Janina for your consultation
(949) 973-0051

Videos are coming soon!
To add to your personal training, I'm making a fitness video you can take home for additional workouts!

24 years experience as an athletic trainer and competitive champion

  • Ms. Quick Throttle Expo '07 (2nd place)
  • Ms. Lowrider '96
  • Regional Ms. Fitness America '93 (5th place)
  • Ms. Fitness USA '90
  • Ms. Expo '90
  • California State Bodybuilding Championship '87 (5th place)
  • Ms. West Coast '85
  • Ms. Natural National '84
  • Ms. Great Body America '84
Also competed in gymnastics, track, and cross-country running.
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